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Candace Plummer 

Phone number- 715-222-2901

Email Address- mailto:[email protected]

  • I mainly provide services in the River Falls, Hudson (WI), Stillwater and Woodbury, MN areas but will travel to other hospitals if needed.
  •  I have been trained by DONA International and have 10+ yrs experience. I am trained in Pre-natal exercise and have over 18 yrs. of personal breastfeeding experience and have attended 2 lactation workshops. I have full knowledge and experience using both Bradley Method and Hypnobirthing. I am currently working on my lactation certification as well.


I have a wonderfully supportive husband of seventeen years and we have 6 beautiful daughters and two adorable little boys. I have been a doula for over  10 years and found it to be my third passion, next to serving the Lord and my husband and kids. I am a stay at home mom and home schooling mom as well as a doula. I am also involved in many of our church and city events. I enjoy spending time with my children, playing games, dating my husband, canoeing and reading. As a family we love to go camping, biking, swimming, and venturing to different museums and zoos. 


To me birth is a natural wonder that God has so graciously given to women. Many look at birth as being painful and miserable; however I see birth as something of beauty. I believe that if your mind is expecting birth to be something beautiful it will be beautiful. 
I love to help women through their birth experiences so that it is something completely special to them that they will look back on and recall as being joyous and wonderful, an experience that makes them feel powerful and yet humble at the same time. After carrying life inside them so lovingly for nine months, I want a mother to look back on her birth and be happy with how it went-I want her experience to be loving, peaceful, beautiful and memorable!

My last three babies were born in the water and I will say that it was by far the best births I have experienced! I have had support from friends, family and/or a doula for all my births except one (number 5). I know that even after our first four daughters were born, my husband could have used help from another set of hands and some different ideas during the birth of our fifth.  We remembered this and made sure we had that extra support for number six, seven and eight. I think a fathers' role in the birth of his child is so important but they also need some of the same love, reassurance and support that the birthing mother needs as well. It's unreasonable to expect the partner -- who is as emotionally involved as the expectant mom -- to provide all the support. That is part of the role of a doula, to provide that for the husband or other family member present with the skills before hand and then during if needed.