Memorable Births

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Baby Cecely

           We really want to thank you for making our birth experience so amazing. without your help the event would have been frightening for both of us and would surely have ended with an epidural or some other unwanted medical intervention. your presence was incredibly calming, and your knowledge was extremely valuable. It meant a lot to us that you took the time to meet with us before hand, it allowed us to get to know and trust you; it really added to the whole experience. we felt like we had been friends with you for years, you knew exactly what we wanted and needed, and put so much effort into making Cecely's birth memorable. In today's world there are very few people who go above and beyond what is expected of them, but you definitely did. you didn't have to come back to the hospital to visit us and see if we needed help with breastfeeding, but you did. We felt genuinely cared about-thank you.

                My husband tells everyone who asks us about our labor and delivery that as soon as you walked into the room the entire atmosphere became very calm. You knew just what to do through each new phase of my labor. I remember at one point saying how hot I was, and the next thing I knew, you had a little fan on me. You were prepared for anything and everything that was thrown your way. Things like that made all the difference.

               It is so apparent how much you love your job, and you can take it from us that you are one of those lucky people who has found your calling. You are phenomenal at what you do. It is impossible for us to explain the gratitude we have towards the amazing gift you have given us. You allowed us to have the  birth we had dreamed of and hoped for. Thank you; thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will definitely recommend you to any and all of our friends.


~ Kelly

***Hypnobirthing was used during her labor

Finn's birth (told by the doula, that's me)


         Amanda’s husband Torey called me at about 5:11 pm on Sat. April 28, 2007 and stated that Amanda had been having contractions pretty regularly since about 3:30pm. Starting around 4:30pm they became pretty regular at 5 min. apart. I asked how she was handling them and he said great that she was just lying down trying to rest. I told him to go ahead and call me back when things started to change. At 6:00pm Amanda called and said her contractions were about 3 min apart and lasting about 1-1 ½ min. long. I asked her how she felt and she said pretty well but she needs to focus and breath I order to get thru them. I proceeded to ask her if she thought I should come over at that time and what she thought she would like to do at this point. She said that she was going to drop off her daughter at daycare and then probably go ahead to the hospital. I told her that the cues that I was picking up from her tone of voice and how the contractions were coming that if she really didn’t feel the need to rush to the hospital that she should continue to labor at home some more and that I would come over in an hour or so unless she needed me sooner. She said that sounded good. I called her back about 7:15pm and her husband said that they were getting a little stronger and still 3 mins apart. I really felt like I wasn’t getting enough information to make a good discernment about how labor was progressing so I asked if I could come over and observe how she was doing and he said that would be great.           

            I arrived at Amanda’s at about 8pm and she was lying on the floor. I quietly asked her how she was doing and she said pretty well but having some lower back pain and sciatic pain during contractions. I decided to time some contractions to see how she was doing and so for about 11 mins. I timed contractions. In that amount of time she had 4 contractions lasting about 1 min and then only 45 sec. I knew she was making progress. During the contractions I showed her husband how to press on her back where she was having pain and I also proceeded to do the double hip squeeze. For about an hour her contractions seemed pretty consistent at 3-4 mins apart and lasting 45 sec. to 1 min. I thought that she might make some quicker progress and also get more comfortable if she walked around some. She agreed and, with her husband by her side, she stood up and walked around for just a few min. while standing and walking her contractions seemed to increase very much in intensity and I knew this was what her body needed. At about 10pm her contractions picked up really well. They were now 1-2 mins. apart and lasing anywhere from 30 sec to 1 min. (I think some of them were really back to back contractions). I was able to coach her breathing and help her to completely relax her body during the contractions and then have complete rest in between. She did excellent, even when she started to cry because of the pain I would just have to hold her face and say, “breathe with me now, your doing great,” and she would immediately calm down and focus. I was so proud of her. She maintained a good relaxed state and was very compliant to everything her husband or I told her to do.       

At 10:50pm we arrived at the hospital and she was immediately checked. They were surprised and excited to hear that she was at 8 cent. and 80% effaced and at a 0 station! She was so excited and very proud of herself that she had made it this far in such a calm and focused state. There was one concern though and that was the fact that she was group B + so she needed an antibiotic. During the IV process I was able to keep her calm and relaxed with her breathing. At 11:35pm she was complete and ready to start pushing. She did start to feel tired and after about 15 mins. She started to say she couldn’t do it anymore and was so tired. Her husband and I really had to encourage her and give positive feedback to keep her going. She build up her strength in between contractions and at 11:58pm a beautiful baby boy was born. Her doctor did give her pitocin, claiming that because the baby was so big her uterus probably needed some help, and she also received about 3 stitches. Over all she did a fantastic job during labor and delivery. She later was so excited that she did the whole thing with out pain medication or loosing control. She was very pleased with her birth experience.

            At about 12:25pm she was able to start nursing the baby. He was very hungry and, with some help and encouragement for mom from me, he latched on right away. He nursed on both sides for about 10 mins. each. Her postpartum care was good I was able to help get her settled and after about an hour she stated that she felt great and her husband even commented on the fact that her hair still looked nice. I was sure she was happy with how things went.

Kian's birth story

Ever since I learned I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a natural birth.  Because I knew this would be challenging, I hired Candace as our Doula and could not have been happier with her services.  Her services rendered during the natural childbirth portion of my labor were absolutely outstanding, however, what was so much more impressive were her skills, knowledge and calm demeanor whenever everything changed at the last minute.  I had to be induced and my son was eventually born via cesarean-not at all in accordance with our plans.  Here is how Candace’s skills were so evident through out the entire pre-natal, birth and postpartum periods. 

At our very first meeting I stated that I was planning to use Hypnobirthing methods, which Candace was not entirely familiar with.  By the time we had our second meeting, she had not only read the entire Hypnobirthing book, but further researched the technique online and had made flashcards of the various coping techniques to study and bring with her to the birth.  She took the extra time to thoroughly learn the method of my choice and further studied it so during the labor she would know the methods off the top of her head.  She also demonstrated a thorough understanding of various other coping methods.  The knowledge of other methods was very reassuring, as I did not know any other method to use in the event Hypnobirthing did not work for me.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I learned our baby had Intrauterine Growth Retardation, which I knew nothing about.  Candace was always available to help navigate the medical mysteries of IGR, to answer my various questions and interrupt the medical terms and procedures the Dr.’s were recommending.  She further provided incredible insight and information into IGR that the medical community did not provide.  Due to the IGR, I had to be induced.  I was medically induced for one and a half days.  Again, I called Candace to help interpret the different induction procedures and for ideas on alternative procedures.  The first day of medical induction was unsuccessful and our baby showed minor signs of stress during the induction.  That night Candace initiated natural induction.  She got the labor to progress further in one night, using extremely comfortable, natural methods, than the medical community was ever able too.  The baby showed no signs of stress and the entire natural induction was incredibly relaxing.  During the second day our baby showed significant signs of stress during the medical induction.  The coping techniques I was relying on did not work.  Candace immediately recognized this and implemented various other methods that thankfully did work very well.  Because our baby was so stressed, we requested a c-section for the health of the baby; the Dr.’s were still pushing for a vaginal birth.  For me, it was very tough to go against what the Dr.’s were recommending because they have they are the experts.  So when we were discussing our options, it was incredibly helpful to have Candace’s knowledge, insight and solid judgment to guide us.  It was also very helpful to have her reassurance that what we were requesting was reasonable.  Once we decided on a c-section, she was able to tell us about the procedure and what to expect.  After our son was born, she was right there to greet him.  It was very comforting to know that when I could not be there with him, someone that cared for him so much was there. It was also so nice to see a friendly face in my room when I returned as my husband was with our son.

I would highly recommend Candace as a Doula, not only for natural childbirth, but for any birth.  In our case, her knowledge, skills and good judgment were invaluable throughout our journey.





Baby Nathan


Our second son, Nathan, was born on January 10, 2011.  During my eighth month of pregnancy, I started to really dread labor and delivery, remembering how painful it was.  Therefore, I mentioned the idea of having a doula to my husband, and he was very skeptical.  He had never heard of a doula, and indicated that we had a great birth experience with our first child.  With just a couple weeks of pregnancy left, my husband and I met Candace, and my husband agreed to having her as our doula. 

My labor began with my water breaking in the middle of the night.  I called Candace right away, and she was very gracious about me calling in the middle of the night.  As soon as my contractions became strong and regular, she came to my house.  It was so peaceful laboring at home.  It was convenient that we did not have to wake our older son, and we could be home until grandparents could arrive to baby-sit.   My husband and I would not have had the confidence to stay home as long as we had if it were not for Candace’s knowledge of labor.  Candace helped me to stay very calm during labor, she knew what positions would be helpful for me to be in, and she knew exactly where to massage me so that I had a nearly pain free labor… and with no medication! 

I was desiring a water birth, and near the end of labor Candace advised me to get into the water-birth tub.  I had no idea I was so close to the end of labor, since I was not in a lot of pain.  I was very comfortable laboring in the rocking chair at the hospital, but Candace knew that it was almost time for me to push, and if I did not get into the tub right away, I would not have my baby in the water.  Once I was in the water, the urge to push was strong.  My doctor advised me not to push, and Candace helped me breathe through that urge; my husband and I would not have known what do to without her!  Within minutes, I was ready to push, and it took three pushes and the baby was out. 

Candace had a ginger soak prepared for my “bottom” to help me recover.  My recovery was so easy!  I attribute my easy recovery to both the ginger soak and being guided on when to push.

Candace helped my husband and I have the labor and delivery that we wanted.  My husband felt very much a part of the process, and both of us plan on having a doula at the birth of our next child. 



Baby Christian

"Thank you so much for all your help and support you gave us throughout this whole process. I know that you made it even better! I tell everyone they should have a doula!"

~ Bridget

Baby Olin

"I am at a complete loss when it comes to where i can begin thanking you for everything you did to help bring Olin into the world. His birth was the most amazing experience i have ever gone through-thanks to you. I get so emotional when i think about how perfectly the entire labor and delivery process went. It commands such respect for the body God gave me. Thank you for begin the angel in my ear with your gentle reminders and wealth of knowledge. You are an amazing person with an incredible gift. Thank you for sharing it with my family." 


~Kelly (mother to Cecely as well)